MCA Flat Classroom Project Overview and Objectives

Flat Classroom Unit Plan and Objectives

Is the World Flat?

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus claimed, as we learned in history, that the world is indeed round. In today's day and age, do we live in a flat world or a round one? Let's take a look at the world outside of our classroom and listen to Thomas Friedman discuss his opinion that the world is flat as economies are merging into one global economy.

The World is Flat , by Thomas Friedman speaking at MIT

What will you do with your 2 Million Minutes of High School?


Okay, so now you are pondering what the global economy means to you in your every day life. How do you think we, as American students, fare out in comparison to the rest of the world as education is also becoming more global and collaborative? Let's take a look at Bob Comptom's documentary comparing high school students in India, China, and the United States: 2 Million Minutes .