Web 2.0 Resources for Students


Pre-Project Learning Styles Inventory
United States Government - Chapter 26
Flat Classroom Code of Conduct
Netiquette - Citing Personal Information on the Web
Flat Classroom Wiki (development of the actual wiki does not begin until the school year begins)
Flat Classroom Ning
Social Bookmarking on Diigo and Conducting Internet Research


Wiki Netiquette Flat Classroom Wiki

Wikis in Plain English , by Common Craft

Digital Storytelling

Storyboard Tutorial

What's in a Story?

  • What are the important things any writer includes in a story? Check out this awesome Flocabulary Rapthat will be sure to help you remember what makes a story "mad exciting."
    • "Plot, Character, Conflict, Theme, Setting, yes these are the five things, that you're gonna be needing, when you're reading or writing a short story that's mad exciting." [1]

Google Docs

Google Docs in Plain English , by Common Craft

Apple iMovie and Garageband

Apple iLife '09 iMovie Tutorial
Apple iLife '09 GarageBand Tutorial

Apple iMovie Beyond the Basics - Part 1, by Andy Piper

  1. ^ "Five Things." Photograph. Five Elements of a Story//. Flocabulary. New York: Flocabulary, 2011. Web. 27 Oct 2011. <http://www.flocabulary.com/fivethings/>.