21st Century Parenting - No Parent Left Behind


Being a parent of a 21st Century student is no easy feat. The following videos and resources should give you some statistics and facts to think about when considering your child's education. Further, you can educate yourself about digital literacy and become involved by joining Digi Parent , a social network for parents of 21st Century students.

Parents - Get Involved!

We welcome and appreciate questions, ideas and feedback from parents about what goes on in class. Please join our MCA 21C Parents Ning Social Network for weekly updates. You will find samples of student work, photos and videos from class and have a place that is just for parents to ask questions and provide feedback.

Are You Ready for Your Child's Future? by Suzie Nestico

A Vision of Students Today by Michael Wesch

Did You Know 2.0? Originally created by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod

Digital Literacy Resources