Some Exemplary (great examples) Student Wikis, So Far

Past Project Teams

(Please keep in mind, past project teams/groups were organized differently than how you are now. Further, there was not as much emphasis on contextual hyperlinking and at the time, there was no way to truly & academically cite a source, so your requirements are a bit different)

UPDATES ~ April 10, 2011

  • To help everyone focus, please review the checklist below.
  • Since some are struggling with the difference between their own wiki page versus the Home Page of the teams wiki, we are breaking this up into a TWO PHASE project.

PHASE ONE - Individual Wiki Page created on your team's wiki - due Wednesday, April 13th, 2011:

  1. Each student should have created ONE wiki page on their team's wiki. The wiki page must include information about your aspect of the issue, with proper contextual links and citations. (scroll down to the middle of the page and follow instructions for how to cite sources on a wiki)
  2. Your wiki page should include multiple (2-3) graphics, an embedded video, slideshow of pictures that help tell your story, a poll, or an alternate product from the list of "Cool Tools". I've moved the list of tools previously on this page to another.
  3. Complete the Self-Assessment Checklist. Either print or just record responses on a sheet of paper to turn in. I will be using the same checklist when reviewing your wikis. If you score within five points of what I scored your page, you will get 5 bonus points.
Wordle: Wiki-Wiki

PHASE TWO - Team Wiki Home Page

  • As an extension to learning about Public Policy and Interest Groups, students will create a media campaign supporting an interest group centered around a current issue in society.
  • Each team member will contribute to the Home Page of the team wiki dedicated to the issue and the resulting Interest Group that is created.
  • The wiki Home page should include and a minimum of a name/brand, a logo, background information about the issue and statements about what you can do to influence change, in order to sell your interest group.
  • Additionally, the Home Page of the wiki must include a mixed piece of multimedia, embedded into the wiki and must apply a minimum of two propaganda techniques, applied correctly, learned in class. You may choose from the following:
  1. A commercial - either video-taped or a multimedia artifact of photos, information and/or video.
  2. A podcast - informative or persuasive (could be a song you made, a radio commercial, or a statement/mission about your group meant to educate)
  3. Graphics - you should include at least three graphics on your designated wiki page in order to help tell your story and appeal to emotions in a propaganda-like way.

WIki Project Resources

List of Additional Online Tools & Resources

NOTE - This project WILL require you to do some research/work outside of the classroom. Final due date for the completed wikis and multimedia pieces is a firm Wednesday, April 13, 2011.

Day One & Two:

  1. Research mainstream societal issues at
  2. Review the Bill of Rights to the US Constitution
  3. Begin researching issues and interest groups
  4. Write a 1-2 page position paper on an issue relevant to your world/real life. (details can be found in eSchoolbook)
  • If you are absent or homebound, you may do the project on your own. The only difference is that rather than your wiki being 3-4 pages, it only needs to be one.

Day Three

  1. Groups assigned and can be found on this Google Spreadsheet. Kudos to you, students - you've come up with some great topics and profound interests!!
  2. Once determining your group, click on the corresponding wiki for your interest group below and request to join that wiki. Teams for 2010-2011:

3. If you are having difficulty keeping up, you may review this video by Julie Lindsayy about working your way around a wiki.

Day Four & Five

  1. Utilize the Discussion tab of the home page of your team wiki. Begin posting discussions about how to break down your topic into narrow, specific areas so that each team member has a separate focus.
  2. A "New Page" should be created for each focus/sub-topic.
  3. Begin adding text, cited and contextually hyperlinked, properly.
  4. Begin adding graphics and/or embedding video and or other cool tools noted above. Be sure to hyperlink to the source!
  5. No one should be in "edit" mode at the same time, on the same page or you will overwrite each other

PHASE TWO - We will revisit together in class and the Home page of your wiki will be due at a later date.

  1. Home Page -- Should be attention grabbing and make your audience want to know more. Creative page with basic background information about your issue. Include graphics and/or a short news video clip. Each person on the team should contribute at least one thing to the homepage. This is the one truly collaborative piece of the project.
  2. Additional pages can include such things as Fast Facts, Background Information, Effects on Public Policy, different viewpoints of the issue, etc.
  3. BE SURE to apply AT LEAST 2-3 propaganda techniques as noted in your Unit 6 (Chapter 9 word document) notes.
  4. Questions? Email me at anytime. I am unable to email you directly from our school email account from home.