Mount Carmel Area Student Council 2010-2011

Student Council Officers 2010-2011
  • President - Danielle B.
  • Vice President - Bridget G.
  • Treasurer - Amanda K.
  • Secretary - Bobby S.

Youth Advisory Committee to Nutrition, Inc.
  • Alan Y.
  • Bianca S.
  • Lee A.
  • Ali V.
  • Coral S.
  • Bobby B.
  • Alyssa B.
  • Alex M.
  • Meyrick L.
  • Brittany B.
  • Bridget D.
  • Rachel F.

Olweus Bullying Prevention T-Shirt Contest Judging

CIMG2640.JPGStudent Council Members for the 2010-2011 school year were recently asked to participate in judging The Olweus Program homeroom T-Shirt Design Contest. Students in all homerooms were asked to create an original design t-shirt that conveys a powerful message about the fight against bullying in our school. The Olweus Program at Mount Carmel Area School District was implemented several years ago and has a zero tolerance for bullying in our school. The program is headed by Mrs. Diane Rumbel and Mrs. Kathryn Schauer.


Judging student t-shirt design submissions
Thirteen Representatives from Student Council were chosen to peer-judge student t-shirt designs. There were approximately one hundred submissions and each entry underwent two rounds of judging using rubrics specific to the contest requirements.