Welcome to MCA's Flat Classroom

During the 2011-2012 school year, as part of our Current Events class, we will be participating a global, collaborative, online project called the Flat Classroom Project [1]

MCA's Flat Classroom , by Suzie Nestico


The Flat Classroom Project is a global, hands-on working together project for middle and senior high school students.
It was founded by Vicki Davis (Westwood Schools, USA) and Julie Lindsay (Qatar Academy, Qatar) in 2006.

The Project uses Web 2.0 tools to make communication and interaction between students and teachers from all participating classrooms easier. The topics studied and discussed are real-world scenarios based on 'The World is Flat' by Thomas Friedman.

The Flat Classroom Project 2006 is featured in the 3rd edition of Friedman's book in Chapter 13, 'If it's not happening it's because you're not doing it', page 501-503.

One of the main goals of the project is to 'flatten' or lower the classroom walls so that instead of each class working isolated and alone, 2 or more classes are joined virtually to become one large classroom. This will be done through the Internet using Web 2.0 tools such as Wikispaces and Ning.

Project Components

The project has three mandatory components:
  1. Writing of a collaborative report using a wiki - Students will edit the wiki and discuss the topic on the discussion tab of the page.
  2. Creating Digital Stories as assigned on the project matrix
  3. Post Project Reflection - Students will post their reflection on the process to the project Ning.
The project has two optional components:
  1. A student audio or video introduction posted on the Ning
  2. Student summits held in elluminate hosted by the teacher in their class.

Desired Outcomes

Students will:
  • Understand core concepts of a global economy
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with an authentic audience
  • Utilize effective time management skills in meeting project deadlines
  • Conduct research in a social and collaborative environment
  • Understand and model appropriate and advantageous ways to use social networking tools and websites
  • Understand the capability of various digital tools and technology and learn multiple, technological ways to present themselves
  • Exercise responsible Digital Citizenship and learn to be productive members of the 21st Century workplace


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