POD Unit 3 - Civil Rights (Chapter 7)

Other Notes:

Affirmative Action:
Pros- Promotes diversity; Gives everyone an opportunity including people who once were refused the opportunity; May prevent business from passing over qualified workers they would not have even considered
Cons- May cause companies and institutions to feel pressure to hire minority candidates over more qualified majority candidates; Could result in accusations of reverse discrimination

Racial Profiling: Essentially this is when the government uses suspect classification to inspect a particular group of people more carefully. (ex: Thoroughly inspecting all people of Arabic descent at an airport, police pulling over citizens who are of minority descent more frequently)
- Argument for its use is that it is for security purposes.
- How many of your individual rights are you willing to sacrifice for the benefit of the whole?

Unit Assignments

Lyric interpretation on wiki (30 points)- If you were absent for this assignment go onto the discussion page for your class. Go to discussion. Pick one of three posts put up on lyrics and answer the questions within it.

Affirmative Action Response (20 points) - If you were not in class, read the following scenario. Write on paper who you would hire and why you would hire that person (how would that individual benefit the company more than the others). Explanation should explain both why you would hire your choice and how that person would be better suited than the other two.


Company Head William, Advisor Denise, Advisor Steve

An international company is deciding on which of three candidates to head their trading division that will handle trades with countries south of the United States. The three candidates are Jason (a 27 year old white male), Sarah (30 year old white female), and Fernando (26 year old Hispanic male).

William: Well, we have narrowed it down to three candidates, but now the decision is really difficult. Honestly, I believe they are all qualified to work here. What do we do?

Denise: No offense sir, but I think we need to eliminate Jason from the discussion. I mean yes he is qualified, but he is another white male, and our company needs to put some more minority employees in positions of power if we want to save our image and avoid some lawsuits.

Steve: I completely agree with you Denise. I think the only real choice is Fernando though. Not only do we have enough white males running the company, but there are also a decent number of women such as yourself in important positions. Putting Fernando in the new position with his Mexican heritage could really be an asset in our dealings south of the border.

Denise: And what makes you so certain that he would be better for us than Sarah? He’s never even been to Mexico!

William: Hold up! What about Jason? He is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese; he might be the best suited of the three for the position.

Steve: Billy ole’ boy, you know the government is cracking down on us for a lack of diversification.

William: Isn’t affirmative action supposed to be about giving all people an opportunity, but hiring the best person regardless of race, gender, etc.?

Denise: Theory and reality aren’t always the same. And Sarah is just as qualified as either of these those two dudes. She holds 2 different degrees.

William: So…. are we getting anywhere here?

Quiz on sections 1-2 (Civil Rights & Discrimination and Equality PowerPoints) (30 points)

Group Project
IMovie Projects
-Groups will create IMovie presentation profiles on key civil rights figures
-Rubric for this assignment: http://rubistar.4teachers.org/index.php?screen=ShowRubric&rubric_id=1834528
will be worth 80 points. Rubric grades for group parts will be multiplied by .7 for a final total. For example, an 18/20 points on the group section of the rubric would be multiplied by .7 for a total of 63/70 points.
Individual effort will be graded on a student by basis, worth 10 points, and added to the group total for a possible total of 80 points.
Ex: 63/70 on group score + 10/10 on individual would be result in a 73/80 = 91%

Content criteria:
IMovie Prjoects should include brief biographical information on the person. You are telling a story. Examples of things to consider including: birth date and place, name, education, jobs, etc.
-What did this person do to help advance civil rights?
-What groups or groups did he or she particularly help?
-What made him or her so influential?

*Be sure to explain anything in your presentation that people in the audience may not know or understand (ex: If you address the Montgomery Bus boycott, explain what it was and why it happened)

Drafts of scripts are due on the second day (Thursday)

Unit Exam: On account of the snow day, the test has been moved back to Monday, Dec. 14 - 100 points