Unit Two - Origins of American Government

Chapter 2 Notes

Sections 1 & 2

Sections 3 & 4

Section 5

Unit Objectives and Main Ideas

1. Roots of American Democracy
2. American Independence
3. The Articles of Confederation
4. The Constitutional Convention
5. Ratification and the Bill of Rights


Magna Carta
English Bill of Rights
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
proprietary colonies
royal colonies
charter colonies
Albany Plan of Union
Stamp Act
1st Continental Congress
2nd Continental Congress
Virginia Declaration of Rights
Articles of Confederation
Shay's Rebellion
Northwest Ordinance
Virginia Plan
New Jersey Plan
Great Compromise
Three-Fifths Compromise
Federalist Papers
Bill of Rights
James Madison
Patrick Henry
Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Paine
Thomas Jefferson
John Hanson
Baron de Montesquieu

Unit Assignments

  • Unit 2 Vocabulary (30 points)
  • Unit 2 Vocabulary Quiz (50 points)
  • Read Chapter 2 in Your Text Book
  • Primary Source Worksheets - Montesquieu & The Spirit of Laws (20 points)
  • Unit Exam (100 points)

Online Discussions

* Journal #4 - Are You Founding Father Material? (20 points)

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