Unit 9 Culminating Project - The Story of a Bill

The following project will serve as your final project for Unit Nine on the Legislative Branch of Government . Please read, review and reference all sections carefully.

Unit Plan and Essential Questions [1]


Project Guidelines


The tool you use to create your presentation is your choice, with the exception of PowerPoint and SlideRocket. Here is a Google Doc table of some ideas to get you started:

Checklist & Assessment

The rubric is embedded below for your quick view. You can access the full Google Doc Rubric here. When I grade your project, I will copy the rubric and share back to you as a Google Doc so that you may see your feedback, delivered in your email.

Instructions How to Add Your Project to This Page

Please go to this Screencast of how to add your project to this page. It is a short video that shows you exactly how to do it as if I were showing it to you in class.

Project Submissions

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Please add the title of your project, hyperlinked to your actual project, followed by your name (first name, last initial only). For example:
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5th Period Student Projects - Story of a Bill

7th Period Student Projects - Story of a Bill


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